It never fails – The one thing that holds me back from getting ready and going out during the winter months is my lack of weather appropriate shoes. Because I know I can’t be the only one with this issue, I share with you…

Frosty Footwear 101

(what to wear, when and with what)

Saks OFF 5th | Faux Fur Lace-Up Boots | $59.99

First up are these snow stunnas! If you’re like me, you’ve awaken to a winter wonderland a few times already this season and haven’t had shoes that’ll keep your toes warm enough to hang outside for a while AND be picture perfect when getting the infamous snow snap with your significant other!

These are your boots, girls! They’re similar to the Sorel brand in fashion and function, but half the price and equally as cute!  Wear them with all black and a faux fur hooded jacket and you’re neighbors will think a celeb moved in next door!

Cole Haan Outlet | Waterproof Hiker Boot | $250

I’ll admit it – I took hiking as an easy elective in college. BUT who would have guessed… I fell in love with it! My husband and I are on a mission to find the most scenic mountain tops around the world, and you better believe we’re taking another picture, especially if the view is covered in snow!

You know what that means – cute and practical hiking boots. I LOVE these new winter white/pink ones from Cole Haan. They’re so much fresher than the typical earth tone adventure boots!

Neiman Marcus Last Call | Leather Knee Boot | $168.75

Heading out for the night and don’t want to slip on your stilettos – I don’t blame you! Invest is a nice pair of leather boots with a thick heel. They’ll go with anything your black pumps would have. 🙂

This is my go to pair! They’re super sophisticated and I always get compliments on them!

A few tips – Look for boots with tread. This is critical if you’ll be battling winter sidewalk conditions. Also, see if your sales associate can recommend (or better yet, provide) a good leather protectant. You always want to treat your leather with a water and stain protectant spray before wearing. You can usually find these right by the register.

Clarks Outlet | Shoe Care Kit | $15.00

Another thing to invest in is this shoe care kit from Clarks Outlet. I use this leather conditioner once or twice during the winter to keep my boots looking healthy.

Are you ready to bare the winter weather now? Let me know if there are any other events you’re struggling to dress for and I’ll help you out.

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Stay warm, everyone!

It’s winter, ladies. Officially! 2017 is all about being real and let me tell ya, my skin does not like winter. Not a peep of it. No wind, no cold – sun only!

So… for that reason, my two beauty + fashion essentials for Winter 2017 are body lotion and coats. Lol. Ok, so one’s a necessity and the other well, also a necessity. They’re called must-haves for a reason, people!

I can’t sit here and tell you that you need 5 new coats this season, but I can assure you one will not be enough. I recommend picking up two new styles each year (and donating two that have aged or gone out of style). This is a good rotation to start and ensure you’re always on trend year after year.

Here are my top picks for 2017!

No. 1

A double-breasted camel coat for the win! #1 must-have. It goes with EVERYTHING (yes, black and navy included) and is super classic. Find similar, timeless coats at Banana Republic Factory Store.

No. 2

A colorful trench for those gloomy winter days. We all know a little color can go a long way when needing a cold weather attitude adjustment. Find awesome pick-me-ups at Forever21.

No. 3

A plaid poncho style coat. The seriousness of the plaid and fun, loose fit of the poncho cut makes this a fashionista’s staple, for sure. Find other sophisticated styles like this one at Ann Taylor Factory Store.

No. 4

Shearling is the winner of warmth. If you’re battling some serious winter conditions but want to look casual chic in your flares and favorite sweater, grab this gem! Find shearling steals at H&M.

No. 5

Wrap ties + pops of color = yes, please! This green (possibly a carryover from the holidays) will have everyone asking “Who are you wearing?” I love it! Find similar wrap coats at Saks OFF 5th.

Have you already decided which coats you’re tossing to make room for your new additions? I definitely have!

Tanger has so many top brands, you’re bound to find plenty of options next time you visit. Send me a pic of your favorite winter finds using #TangerFashionista on any of Tanger’s social media platforms.

Happy shopping (stay warm)!

It’s 2017 and last year’s wardrobe has become completely dated and useless. Juuuust kidding!

Just because we’re shopping Tanger for new trends doesn’t mean we can’t still style the old ones in new, fun, fresh ways. Sometimes all it takes is a quick little update to pull off the look you loved so much last season.

Sure, the 2017 style scene has a different look about it, but I think change is a good thing. Scroll down to see how to adapt some of my favorite pieces from last year’s wardrobe, making 2017 better than you can imagine.

Here’s a list of ALL of 2016’s top trends:

There were so many showstopping trends in 2016, but I’ll highlight two specifically (the ones I think have the most potential for new life).

First Up – Bare Shoulders

Bare shoulders are sticking around in 2017, but have a little bit of a twist. Instead of baring it all, designers are incorporating more of a cutout detail at the shoulder – calling them shoulder slits. It’s almost like they wanted to tease the fashion affectionados of the world with a full on shoulder one year and scale it back to leave us wanting more the next. Hey… it’s working!  

Needless to say, keep your pairings – flare jeans, high-waisted shorts, etc. as it’ll all be needed in the year to come.

The shoulder is born again!

My Second Favorite – Orange & Wine

If I’m being completely honest, this is one of those trends that I wasn’t sure I would love. But oh let me tell you, once I truly started shopping for it and seeing all the shades of beautiful reds and bright oranges that make up this stunning combo, I couldn’t get enough!

It was by far the richest color combination of 2016 and while not paired together in 2017, they will each stand their own ground. Hold on to those bold pieces and statement accessories, as you’re new neutrals will need some support.

My goal – pull these vibrant hues out earlier in 2017. They deserve more time to shine!

Do you you have a favorite trend from 2016? Comment below and let me know.

And if you’re curious about 2017 looks, stay tuned in the weeks to come for more information on the latest fashion reports.
Happy New Year everyone!

“New Years Eve Outfit” – I would venture to say that this has been the most searched Google term for the last week. Well, hopefully it was just that, that brought you to my little slice of the internet.

We all know I’m a planner and this NYE is no different. I’ve got Uber’s scheduled, menu items scoped out and the perfect idea for the most insta-worthy midnight kiss.

As you might have guessed, my outfit planning is on point. I could pretend like I found all of these great pieces on a whim, but let’s be real… I had this look purchased and laid out over a month ago.

I’ve discovered a new hidden gem at Tanger. Behold, Francesca’s!

They have the trendiest selection of clothes, jewelry, handbags, shoes and even cute gifts. I could spend hours in this store, which says a lot coming from this “get in and get out” Fashionista.

Here are the deets on my outfit selection!


Francesca’s | Metallic Pleat Shift Dress | $48.00


Francesca’s | Criss Cross Strap Platform | $48.00


Francesca’s | Diamond Clutch | $44.00


Francesca’s | Tassel Necklace | $32.00

All for, wait for it….


If you’re looking to score a killer outfit like this one, visit Tanger today! Whether it be from Francesca’s or any of your other favorite brands, you’re sure to find something that says, “Hello, New Year!”

Have fun, everyone, and stay safe! HNY!

It’s the week of Christmas. Gifts are wrapped, plans are locked in, now it’s time to figure out what you’re wearing on the most festive day of the year.

You’re seeing family, preparing food, playing holiday (or reindeer) games and you need a look that will last through it all (no, I don’t mean your Christmas tree PJs).

Because I have readers of all ages, I thought I would provide a little inspiration on holiday attire fit for all of the fabulous women in my life (and those reading).

One’s level of Fashionista cannot be measured by a number. 🙂

I’ll start with the Glam-ma’s of the world!

Mine is all about comfort but still loves to fit in with the ladies. I’ve recommended a number of stores at Tanger like Chico’s Outlet, Talbots and Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH, but her all-time favorite is Ann Taylor Factory Store.

She recently sent me the cutest selfie from the dressing room to show off her new finds. The outfit (and the selfie) got a gold star of approval – but she kindly asked me not to share here. (She’s not ready for all that fame!)

She found the chicest cape (pictured below). I recommended she wear it with black pants and a cream blouse or even a tee for comfort. I fully expect her to be sporting this on Christmas day.


Ann Taylor Factory Store | Tipped Poncho Cape | $79.99

Next up is Mom.

She’s not a big shopper so she depends on me to pick up things I see that might suit her. I’ve got to say, shopping for her (or anyone else in general) is so much more exciting than shopping for myself!

I’ve recently introduced her to the legging phenomenon and she can’t get enough! She needed more tops to pair with them. While I was out shopping for a few new candy crush pieces a few weeks ago I came across this super soft, oversized sweater from H&M.

The light pink will be so beautiful with her skintone. I’m also going to see if I can find a pair of wine leggings like the ones pictured (in t-minus 2 days). It’s such an awesome color combo. Ahh and a chic long necklace. She’s gonna be so stylin!


H&M | Knit Sweater | $34.99

Then, there’s me!

The fam can always count on me to bring a little cheer to the day with my look. I won’t say that “themed” is my thing, but I definitely enjoy dressing for the season. I found the cutest outfit from Francesca’s, literally everything I plan to wear on Christmas day from head-to-toe.

Luckily, the weather is pretty mild here so I think I can get away with the dress. If there’s a chill in the air, I’ll just add a pair of cute tights. Then there’s the winning piece, the shearling coat! I’ve wanted one all season long and feel like all of my cozy dreams have come true! And last but not least, they had all of the perfect accessories – booties (with the fringe), an adorable saddle bag and the trendiest little suede choker that I ever did see. 🙂

I’m all set!


Fransesca’s | 30-50% OFF Coupon

As you can see, dressing for the holidays doesn’t have to mean reds, greens and golds. Think sophisticated style and about the plans you have for the day. Comfort is usually a key factor (per my family’s style above), but yours might be different.

Let me know what your holiday plans are and I’ll be more than happy to send over a few helpful suggestions. 🙂

Happy shopping and HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!

Fa la la la la… la la… la… la…

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! The tree is up, the candles are lit, and the reason for the season is in our heart. Oh let’s celebrate!

I’m all about the gift of giving and while some people provide/follow gift lists, I prefer to dig a little deeper and really think through what makes a gift meaningful. It might fit in “the under $100” category, but there’s usually a lot of thought that goes into my little treats.

Below are 5 chic gifts that I’ve already picked up for a few of my favorite peeps this year.

Don’t worry, I’ve banned them from reading the blog this week. You know who you are and if you’ve made it this far, shame on you! 😉

First, is my sis-in-law. She recently got a job that requires some international travel and she’s absolutely loving it. She’s shared a few new travel gadgets that she’s discovered on Instagram, but I still see her rocking that boring blue passport. First lesson in international travel – look the part.

I found this super chic rose gold passport cover from J.Crew Factory. It’s SO her! She’s such a fashionista, she’ll absolutely love it. 🙂


J.Crew Factory | Leather Passport Case | $14.50

Then there’s the hubby. We’ve been to a few (far more than I can count on one hand) weddings this year and Mr. Big Shot is a stud on the dancefloor. I have to say, rhythm is a super attractive quality in a guy. With that said, he’s worn his way through multiple pairs of dress shoes (yes, it’s possible). So, shoes it is for him! And while I love the look, the price makes the wear and tear totally fine. Definitely don’t want to deter the dancing. Until next year…


Saks OFF 5th | Kenneth Cole Leather Loafers | $99.99

My family does a name drawing for all of the cousins at Christmas (because there are more than 20 of us) and I probably got the best name of all. He’s actually the husband of one of the cousins, but he so full of personality it makes shopping for him the best! His claim to fame were his bartending days in college (and he takes it very seriously), so I found the perfect tie – they’re martini glasses! 🙂 Isn’t this so fun! Sure, I might be more excited than I should be but the inside bartending jokes surrounding this gift will last for years and I cannot wait.


Banana Republic Factory Store | Martini Print Tie | $23.99

Next is my sweet mom. She’s in a wheelchair, so she can’t carry your typical purse. Instead she has to have something that is structured and sits on her lap nicely or something that can be hung on the back of her chair. I found the PERFECT bag! It’s a leather backpack from Saks OFF 5th. She’s always talking about wanting to be “trendy like the cool kids” so it’s right up her alley! I can’t wait to see her reaction!


Saks OFF 5th | Leather Backpack | $59.99

And finally, my BFF. We were recently at a college football game and it was a little cooler than we expected. We all know style is definitely a factor when it comes to gameday attire. She made a subtle comment about needing warm weather gameday accessories, so here ya go! I found a great scarf. It’s plaid, but not the busy plaid. It’s simple, but chic! She has a really cute cream sweater that I bet you $100 she’ll wear it with the first time.


J.Crew Factory | Plaid Scarf | $24.50

Are you as impressed as I am? 🙂 Each gift for under (some way under) $100.

Shopping doesn’t have to be a chore! Put a little extra thought into what you’re getting the ones you love and you’ll enjoy searching for and buying their gifts just as much as they will love opening it.

There are so many great brands at Tanger and between their deals listed on the website to the app you can reference while shopping, Tanger makes it super convenient and easy to get all of your shopping done in one stop with great coupons. Trust me, I’ve done it year after year since, well… I’ve been buying Christmas gifts!

Happy shopping and happy holidays everyone!

Last week was all about the sparkle and shine!

This week, I’m taking on a new holiday feel – pastels. They’ve slipped into our winter wardrobes year after year, more so with the adoption of winter whites than dusty blue, but 2016 is the year to embrace these light hearted hues and wear them with joy.

The easiest way to work pastels into your winter wardrobe is with accessories. If you’re not ready to take on a head-to-toe look, start with a handbag, shoe or jewels. Here are a few of my favorite finds!

First up is this baby pink handbag. Trust me, you can do it. Just keep the rest of the look simple. I’m a black/brown bag girl myself, but the second I saw this beauty on with my creme sweater and khaki skirt, it was truly a sight to see. Pairing pastels with neutrals is very sophisticated.


Find a similar bag at Saks OFF 5th.

If you’re married to your handbag for the season, you can always bring lighter colors into your jewels. How stunning would this powder blue necklace be over a black sweater or turtleneck? It’s the perfect backdrop and gives this beauty all it’s glory.


J.Crew Factory has a ton of great pastel jewels right now. It’s impossible to choose just one!

If you’re looking for a fun winter addition, try a pair of pastel sunnies. If planning a ski trip, rock these with your all white look for the slopes. So chic!


Find other great pastel sunglasses available at Saks OFF 5th.

So, here’s where I cheat a little. Instead of advising you invest in a pastel shoe, I’m going to push the neutral flat because it once again proves to be the most versatile shoe of all time. Dress it up with a cocktail dress, down with skinny jeans or with cigarette pants for the office. It will make styling your other pastel accessories easier, I promise. One less thing to think about!


My favs are from J. Crew Factory.

If you have as big of a crush on these fancy hues as I do this season, it’s time to shop! Be the trend-setter that you’ve always wanted to be and let’s change the perception of holiday attire.

First stop, Tanger! I guarantee you’ll have a frustration-free shopping trip, finding everything on your list from your favorite brands in one stop. Easy peasy!

Have fun this holiday season and happy shopping!

The holidays are all about sparkle and shine. Luckily, this season’s “Disco Glam” trend will keep us all on point. Think studs, jewels, etc. – Anything that will catch the light. 🙂

I’ve scoured Tanger for all of my favorite Disco Glam pieces and am excited to share them with you, with hopes that you’ll be able to integrate them into your outfits this holiday season.

It’s time to steal the show, ladies!

Pick No. 1

The “IT” dress. Take on the holidays in this sequin mini dress from J.Crew Factory. The structure is simple but the sequins scream “Hello, I’m here!” Dress it up for your next holiday soiree by adding a nice black blazer and simple black heels.

Champagne Sequin Dress | J.Crew Factory | $128

Pick No. 2

The second necessity of the season, accessories fit for the disco. Metallic accessories are the perfect compliment to any solid look you might piece together. Solid red, black, navy… All of them could use a little pizazz with this silver metallic clutch, sparkly teardrop earrings or a simple necklace. Toss on a metallic shoe as well and you’ll be glistening from head to toe.

Silver Textured Wristlet | Express Factory Outlet | $18.95
Silver Teardrop Earrings | J.Crew Factory | $24.50
Sparkly Tassel Necklace | Banana Republic Factory Store

TangerTip: Spend $100 or more at Banana Republic Factory Store through 12/31 and use THIS COUPON for 15% OFF your entire purchase.

Pick No. 3

Pick number three are these incredible, sequin leggings from Express Factory Outlet. Talk about making a statement. Because these pants can obviously take all of the attention, let them. Pair with a simple black blouse and strappy black heels and you’re ready to take on the town this holiday season.

Metallic Silver Sequin Legging | Express Factory Outlet | $69.95

Are you in the spirit yet? If so, head to Tanger to pick up all of these finds and more from some of the best designer stores. It’s such a luxury to have them all in one place, at one stop.

I’m telling you, this holiday season is all about making a statement.

Happy Shopping!

It’s here, it’s here! It’s the week of Thanksgiving and let me tell, you I can smell it already!

Second to the food, my look on Thanksgiving is the most important aspect of the day. Why? Because this critical choice can make or break your comfort level throughout the day. Not only do you want to look super stylish to impress the family you only see a few times a year, but you want to be able to make it back for thirds without letting your too tight pants or crop top stop you.

Here are a few ideas that will make striking fashion statements, but allow you to keep your eye on the casserole (I mean prize)!

The “Room for Leftovers” Sweater


Photo: The Fashion Cuisine

Think oversized and slouchy. Keep it neutral, so that you don’t look like a scoop of sweet potatoes. Trust me, you want to take advantage of this comfy trend before it’s gone. Pair your oversized sweater with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and a trendy flat and you’re golden!

The “Sweet as Pie” Blouse


Photo: The Closet Crush

Note that this option is also loose (your welcome)! There’s nothing sweeter than pumpkin pie on thanksgiving, so why not take a note from the dessert table and tie in the season’s richest color. Let the color do all the talking here and pair with a casual jean and heels, if you dare.

The “Sweater Weather” Dress


Photo: Just The Design

It’s finally sweater weather, so do your part and wear one! They’re the best invention since boxed stuffing and certainly appropriate for a family gathering. A dress says “Oh hey, I’m here to have a great time” and the cozy knit screams, “But I’m totally down for a nap after dinner.” If you get a second wind and want to meet up with your friends afterwards, toss on a pair of over-the-knee boots and ta da, versatile perfection!

The “Thankful for Elastic” Palazzo Pants


Photo: Louboutins & Love

They’re a dream come true! We’ve all secretly unbuttoned the top button a time or two, so why not avoid that discomfort altogether and go with an elastic waistband. Choose a wide leg pant for a sophisticated look or even a jogger if your fam is super casual.  I’m also the girl that puts up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, so holiday red is 100% recommended!

The “Harvest Hues” Outfit


Photo: Penny Pincher Fashion

Because who doesn’t get inspired by the changing of the leaves. I take my fashion cues from mother nature this time of year and she never disappoints. Bring a little autumn cheer to the Thanksgiving table with an outfit full of warm fall colors and soft textures. Think suede and a flouncy blouse (yep, still leaving room).

Comment below and let me know which look you’re leaning towards. Cozy sweater or fall colors? Gosh, you can even mix the two! I love dressing for special occasions, but am all about practicality.

If you’re heading out to Tanger to get in a little post Thanksgiving shopping, be sure and check your center hours beforehand. Some centers are opening 6PM Thanksgiving evening and staying open through the night. Now that’s a good way to burn off those calories!

The weekend also launches a new set of holiday hours, which should ease all of your time crunch worries.

Have fun and eat up everyone!

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times – Tanger Outlets has the world’s greatest shopping experience and luckily, I’m not the only one that thinks so. Fashionista’s from across the globe agree. And here’s why!

Tanger Outlets teamed up with TIME Inc. last week to host its second blogger event of the year. This one, all geared around Tanger’s goal to get shoppers to #StyleYourLife at Tanger. Tanger and TIME invited 25 top NY bloggers and their friends to spend the day in Deer Park, NY shopping their favorite brand name stores for the latest and greatest trends. It was the ultimate pre-holiday shopping event!

First Stop… TIME Headquarters

Our favorite bloggers met at TIME, where they were prepped for the day ahead. It wouldn’t be the full experience if they weren’t armed with their #StyleYourLife tote and all of their Tanger goodies, including of course a store directory for each group to scout out their day and a coupon book to ensure they’re getting the best deals.

This also allowed time for all of the street style stars to mingle and kick off their day via social media. It was so fun to follow!


Rebecca Ott Piersol | Catherine Pfab


Kimberly Smith


Tiney Tsang | Yanyi Zhen

Next Stop… Party Bus

With their friends on their arm and and Snapchat in hand, the  girls loaded onto a bus that would take them to Tanger. The mood was set with fun music like Paolo Nutnini’s “New Shoes” and Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money.” Pretty witty huh! 🙂 They also had a few minutes to catch up on all their social happenings before hitting the stores.


Kimmy Huynh | Kaitlyn Sullivan | Carla Kokoszka


Kimmy Huynh


Christina Zayas | Falen Hazantonis

Final Destination… Tanger Outlets


Kimberly Smith


Kimmy Huynh


Olivia Jeanette | Fall Charmichael


Kela Walker | Tiffany Battle

Once they arrived at Tanger, each blogger was given a $250 gift card to shop ‘til they dropped. They worked together to scour the center for the best looks and even shared a few shopping tips along the way, all while documenting their experience via social media of course (what’s a fashionista without her following)!

The girls were challenged to pull the best looks they could find, with a chance to win a $2,500 shopping spree. Let’s just say they were so good, there were 5 winners! Ahh what I would give!


Kimberly Smith


Rebecca Ott Piersol | Catherine Pfab


Kimmy Huynh


Tiney Tsang | Yanyi Zhen

It was truly a day to remember for this fashion forward group, and it just goes to show you how much Tanger truly has to offer when it comes to top brands and current trends! Come see for yourself.

Use the hashtag #StyleYourLife all season long to show off your fashionable finds and who knows, you could be the next blogger to grace Tanger (or win your own shopping spree).

Enjoy your holiday shopping everyone!