Halloween is my favorite adult holiday of the year (let’s be real, we have all the fun)! With that said, I’m not a big fan of the “bagged lunch” costumes. Instead, I use it as an opportunity to put my creative juices to the test to see what I can make from pieces I can actually repurpose later on.

Here are a few ideas on ways to make some of your favorite childhood characters come to life with items straight from Tanger (hmm I mean your closet)! 🙂



Pinocchio, a puppet created by a wood-carver in a small Italian village, might have been prone to telling lies and fabricating stories for various reasons but he sure did have a sense of fashion. He has been reimagined through the minds of creative kids since the 1800s, but his classic sense of style has remained the same.

Recreate this look with a pair of high-waisted shorts or trousers, a button down blouse with Pinocchio’s notable bowed collar and a pair of leather or plush loafers or mary janes. If you’re going for the full effect, toss on a pair of suspenders and a trendy fedora. You’re sure to come to life in this look!

Snow White


Once upon a time there lived a lovely princess with fair skin and blue eyes. She was so fair that she was named Snow White. She was sweet, nurturing and had the kindest of hearts.

Take a more literal approach to Snow White’s style with a beautiful white dress and a candy apple clutch. You’re sure to catch the attention of prince charming!

Puss in Boots


Was it his trickery and deceit that gained him power, wealth and the hand of a princess or was it his impeccable taste? Puss in Boots was referred to as “The Booted Cat” in the original Italian tale which makes his beautiful (what I would assume were Italian leather) boots that much more admirable.

Gain the confidence of this little man with show-stopping boots of your own (riding or heeled), a tamed faux fur vest and the sassiest of fedoras that you can find.



What little girl doesn’t dream of her own Cinderella story? Life can be rough at times, but all is made well with a beautiful ball gown and glass slippers.

Recreate an every-day Cinderella look with a pair of powder blue ankle pants, a sophisticated and feminine white blouse and a magical metallic slipper, I mean pump! And don’t worry, this look can carry you long past midnight.

Little Red Riding Hood


The name of this beloved tale says it all – It was all about the fashionable cape! The plush red cape kept the little girl warm as she walked through the woods to deliver food to her sickly grandmother. Not only did she rock it in style, the tricky wolf did too – It’s that versatile and flattering to all.

Pair your beautiful red cape or poncho with comfortable jeans and brown booties for your own trek through the weekend.

Are you inspired to create your own DIY Halloween look? Take a little trek to your childhood and pick up a few pieces that bring back the magic from your beloved fairytale.

If you have to head out to pick up a few details to top off your look, be sure to download your PINK card first for an additional 25% OFF savings. Shop ‘til you drop and use your coupon once per day per (participating) store until October 31st.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

The air is crisp and the leaves have already begun to change. We’re only a few weeks into fall and I already feel as though I’ve run out of options. Why does this seem to happen season after season?! Last year’s digs are cute, but they just don’t seem to make the cut when filing through my closet each morning.

I was out enjoying all that fall has to offer last weekend and couldn’t help but take a little inspiration from the stunning colors around me. Mother Nature sure has the upper hand when it comes to the ability to create art as life.

I could go on and on about my amazement; but, instead thought you might be interested to see what these colors of the wind inspired me to purchase this weekend. I’m definitely back on my fall game, no worries!



Forever21 | Lace-Up Swing Dress | $14.90

First up is this burnt orange dress from Forever21 for only $14.90, inspired by the red-ish, orange-like hue that you see way up in the mountains. I didn’t originally have a dress on my list, but hey – who sticks to a list anymore!

I honestly did need a few long sleeve dress options that would pair well with my fall boots. I can toss on neutral leggings and a brown parka later on this year and really play up the color!



H&M | Long-sleeved Jersey Top | $17.99

This second color is what my fall dreams are made of. We don’t see these deep burgundy leaves much in the states, but the moment I do I’ll be sure and stop time so you all can experience it too!

Call it ruby, cranberry, whatever you like – I will have an entire section of my closet dedicated to this color by the end of Autumn, starting with this must-have long sleeve jersey top from H&M. It was only $17.99 and has quickly become a staple. The material is so cozy! You must feel it for yourself!



H&M | Corduroy Pants | $19.99

Next up, a more tradition fall color – brown or neutral tones. These bring me back to the days of jumping in piles of leaves in the front yard. Cool air, crisp ground, laughing neighbors! My adult interpretation of this is a pair of camel corduroy pants.

If you don’t already own corduroy, this is the place to start! They’ve been pretty hot for a few years now. You can find these at H&M for $19.99. For an even more seasonal look, pair them with a neutral sweater and you’ll be a walking billboard for fall.



J.Crew Factory | Tall Pencil Skirt | $44.50

And last, but not least – every season needs a bright pop of color. This year’s go-to for me is marigold or mustard. It’s bright enough to make you feel alive at the office, but warm enough to be considered a fall color. Think of the yellow leaves that you used to be on the look out for at recess. They were the rare, special ones!

This tall, classic pencil skirt is more versatile than you think. Wear it with neutral office staples or darker, warmer tones to really take advantage of the seasonal palette. Find this skirt at J.Crew Factory for only $44.50.

Are you inspired to get outside? Keep an eye out for the things around you that inspire new fashions. Color is everywhere and Mother Nature is truly the queen of pairings. She’ll do all the work for you, you just have to make the move and get to Tanger to bring her vision to life.

Tanger Tip: Shop now until October 31st with your Tanger PINK card and receive 25% OFF a single item per store (all month long). If you don’t already have your savings card, you can download it here for $5 or pick it up at Shopper Services once you get to the center.

Happy shopping you guys!

For some reason, this time of year always comes with dreams of fancy getaways and worldly travels. Perhaps I’m chasing the warm weather or just ready for another escape from adulting.

While jet-setting is always on my mind, I feel less of an urge this year because of the worldly fashions I’ve been studying for fall/winter 2016-’17. Designers always draw inspiration from around the globe, but this year’s influences seem to be stronger than ever, specifically those from the Tibet region of China, just on the northern side of the Himalayas.

Tibet is rich in culture and color, making it perfect for the autumn season. The runways were graced with ethnic embellishments, textured weaves and rich color, paired with cocoon coats and tunic dresses. The bright loose fitting designs had to make an appearance in my fall/winter wardrobe, so naturally I planned a trip to Tanger to find my ethnic attire.

Here are 3 worldly looks that nearly anyone could pull off!

Look No. 1


Suede Coat | $29.99


Felt Hat | $17.99


Black Heels| $29.99

This first look had me the second I saw this suede jacket. The texture is phenominal and the color, perfect for fall! To ensure the focus remains on the jacket, I paired it with a simple white button-down shirtdress.

Simple, go-to black heels and a statement necklace to dress it up a bit and of course, for a bit of flare, you can add a trendy black felt hat. This look screams well-traveled and can all be purchased at H&M head-to-toe.

Look No. 2


Romper | $24.99


Tassel Crossbody | $24.99


Arrow Necklace | $6.00      


Suede Heel | $20.00

This look is the perfect outfit for jet-setters. It’s super trendy, but also as practical as it gets. Let’s start with the bright, printed romper – The colors are so brilliant and full of life and the print is perfect for an overseas adventure.

Every well-traveled fashionista knows that a crossbody is essential when on the move. Add simple jewelry and a statement (comfortable) heel for the win. You can find this look at Charlotte Russe and H&M at Tanger for less.

Look No. 3



Pendant Necklace | $7.99


Crewneck Tee | $14.00


Skirt | $49.99    

This third look is my favorite! I’m all about a midi skirt. Add eyelets and a rich marigold and I’ve probably found my token fall staple. Get ready to see this again and again (no shame)! Not wanting to take away from the opulence of the skirt, I paired it with a simple black long-sleeved tee from Gap.

The token black heels make another appearance with an elegant gold pendant necklace. The only thing missing from this simple, chic look is an authentic tibetan clutch. A bold pop of color would be the cherry on top. For a similar look, shop H&M and Gap Factory Store.

So, who has the travel bug?! I have a trip planned to Ontario, Canada this year which is sure to be a good time! While, not too distant from the states, I hear the culture is amazing and the food even better. Lucky for me, there’s also a Tanger Outlets in Ottawa not far from where I’ll be. So, if all else fails… I can shop!

Let me know what your travel plans are for the year. Need help deciding what to buy/pack for your trip? Tweet me @tangeroutlets with #TangerFashionista.


The color pink is back! No longer associated with your childhood wardrobe, but now with chic new fashions and color combinations. It’s 100% time to reintroduce this feminine phenom to your wardrobe. It’s new and fresh. Pink was once labeled as precious or girlish but (largely due to its tie to the support of breast cancer research and awareness) has become one used to communicate strength and pride. The color pink is worn not only by fashion’s elite, but by our everyday heroes as a representation of the fight for life.

I advise you to never again hesitate to wear the color pink and especially not in the month of October. Wear it boldly! While I was once a skeptic, I’m now a believer and consider myself somewhat of a pro when it comes to pink pairings. Whether you’re just easing into pinks or consider them your go-to colors, I’ve provided different ways to wear it with “simpler” colors in your wardrobe. There are endless options, all which will add to the confidence your pink looks will evoke.


Pink + Silver

I adore the fashion-forward combination of a futuristic metallic with a feminine pink.


Pink + Yellow

Sherbet-hued pink and soft yellow make for a great candy-crush pairing.


Pink + Black

Bright pink and black is a classic combination and a stylish way to mix accessories.


Pink + Wine

Paired with deep reds, shades of pink can be ultra-sophisticated.


Pink + Brown

Muted pink and latte hues are delicious together.


Pink + Red

Bubble gum pink and candy apple red are a sweet duo.


Pink + Pink

I like pairing blush or petal pink with super tones for a trendy monochromatic look.


Pink + Gray

Gray and pink are a ladylike combination.


Pink + Green

Use a dark, earthy green to ground bright pink pieces.


Pink + Navy

Fashion-forward and classic, you can’t go wrong with this color combo.


Pink + Orange

Bold and beautiful. It will always make a statement.


Pink + Purple

Purple tones are surprisingly chic when paired with pink.

There you have it. If you have anything pink hanging in your closet, you’re destined to find a complimentary color to wear it with.

If you need to freshen up your collection, now is the time to shop Tanger. Now through October 31st, Tanger Outlets is selling $5 unlimited use 25% OFF coupons – Yes, that’s right, I said unlimited use! Buy it once and use it once per store, per day for the entire month of October. As if that wasn’t enough, all of the proceeds from the coupon sales support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in finding a cure.

Buy your PINK card at Shopper Services or purchase a mobile pass online HERE.

There’s nothing better than shopping for a good cause!

Hello! Hello! It’s boot week. I’ve been stalking my favorite boots from Tanger for weeks now and it’s finally time to share the love. There are so many varieties and each serve different fashions and functions. Because I’ve been a boot connoisseur for awhile now, I admittedly have one of each (of the below). With that said, I think I’m a pretty good judge of the perfect boot for each and every one of you. It’s like a dating game… It’s all about finding the right match!



Are you the super casual, kind of trendy, wanna fit in with the cool kids type? Booties are for you! Wear them with skinny jeans or pair with a casual dress if you dare. Look for a cut that’s low enough to show off the ankle. I learned the hard way that it prevents blisters. A shorter cut is also a little more flattering to the leg line.



Riding Boots

Are you a little preppy and adore oversized sweaters, piko shirts and blanket scarfs for fall? Riding boots are your BFF. They are a bit more refined than the bootie and come in really great, genuine leathers. I have multiple pairs of black and brown riding boots. I would also suggest wearing these with skinnies (tucked in) or even a mini skirt styled with other fall layers. Also, buckles for the win!

NINE WEST OUTLET | $89.95 (with 50% OFF in-store deal)

Knee-high Boots

Are you the trend-setter – first to try and eager to buy type, always looking for straight from the runway fashions at Tanger? Try the knee-high or over-the-knee boot this year for a showstopping look. Wear them with your favorite leggings or on their own. I love these suede beauties from Charlotte Russe. The tie detail behind the knee is fun and practical (allowing the leg a little room to breath).


Winter Boots

I got it! You’re the sporty, outdoor enthusiast that laughs out loud at the thought of wearing leather in your fall/winter conditions. That’s fine, but there’s still a practical option for you! These ski boots from the Columbia Outlet are the perfect shade of winter white. Call me crazy, but I think these would look so stylish with all all white/cream ski suit – head-to-toe. I love it! Talk about a snow bunny. 🙂


Rain Boots

Ahh you’re the fun, free spirited type. If so, you need a fun and stylish pair of rain boots this season! Gone are the days of the shiny boots that you splashed to school in. Now, it’s all about making the rain boot appear as part of the originally intended outfit, like these from Saks OFF Fifth. Who would ever know! I love the stretch detail on the side – a touch of practically (no water seeping in, please) and a splash of fashion. Go for the win in these puddle jumpers!


SAKS OFF 5TH | $39.99

So, what are you waiting for! Pick the style that’s right for you and go find your match! Happy shopping.

Fall is all about layering to create stylish looks that work seamlessly with the changing temps. I know what you’re thinking, “Easier said than done,” but it’s all about knowing how to dress for your shape. Follow the steps below to create beautiful layered looks that compliment any body type.

Tanger Outlets_Fall Layers

How to Create a Layered Outfit:

  1. Start with a lightweight shell or basic solid/neutral top. Keep this layer somewhat fitted, so that you maintain your sense of shape.
  2. Pull in your first layer of warmth using a cardigan or a sweater. This can be a fun color or print. If you want to accentuate your waist, try adding a skinny belt just above the waistline.
  3. Top it off with your Favorite jacket or coat. Remember this should compliment the look, not cover it up completely. Also, make sure that the length is proportionate with your other layers.
  4. Add a scarf to complete the look. Tie in texture for added interest. Wearing all solids can make a layered look appear heavier than it actually is.
  5. For sparkle, add a few accessories. Bracelets, rings or watches are the best since most necklaces would be hidden under a layer or two.

It’s really a lot easier than it seems! First, try this at home with the pieces you have in your closet. Determine which items can be used to create multiple looks and make a list of the items that you still need. I always find that I have plenty of base layers and coats – it’s the sweater/cardigan department that’s lacking. This is also the most fun to shop for, as it’s usually the most colorful. Once you have your list, head to Tanger to find all of your layering needs from your favorite brand name stores.

Happy Shopping!

‘Tis the season for friends of fashion from around the globe to come together and celebrate. It’s New York Fashion Week and I couldn’t be more excited to report on the top trends from some of my favorite designer’s Spring/Summer 2017 collections. Shows began last week and will run through this Thursday, so there’s still time to follow along.

Follow #NYFW on social media for the inside scoop on everything from show schedules, to backstage model photo ops and of course interviews and sneak peeks with the designers themselves.


Because today marks the halfway point for NYFW, I wanted to provided a quick recap of the two trends I’ve seen so far that are simply taking over the runways. Also, lucky for you these two looks happen to be a version of fashions that were seen in Spring/Summer 2016, so there’s a chance you will be able to reinvent some of your trendy Tanger must-haves when the warmer weather blooms again.

1. The Shoulder

If you thought shoulders were big this year, just wait. It’s only the beginning for this sexy shape. 2016 was all about showing off the adored collarbone, horizontal lines and shoulder-to-shoulder fit. 2017 is taking it back to the peek-a-boo effect with one bare shoulder and strategically placed cutouts.

Designers: Monse, Self-Portrait, Brock Collection

If you’re still finishing up your end of summer shopping and find off the shoulder looks on clearance, don’t pass them up! Check stores like H&M, Vince, Forever21 and Saks OFF 5th before they make their full fall transition.

2. The Trench

The trench made a subtle appearance this year, but it was much earlier in the spring and didn’t stick like last year’s designers had hoped. Well, no worries! It’s coming back in full force. Last year’s silhouette was structured and belted. The 2017 trench is much slouchier, using soft and slinky fabrics. The hem has also been extended to give a more fashion-forward effect.

Designers: Tibi, Dion Lee, Creatures of the Wind

There’s more to come fashion lovers! The excitement is only beginning. Be sure to subscribe (to the right) for more deets on these fab trends come Spring 2017. You don’t want to miss out.

Have a great week lovelies!

Honestly, all of the cool kids are doing it so I’m feeling the heat more than ever to jump on this bandwagon. This fall is all about cool kicks and I’m not just talking about new running shoes or workout gear. Fashionistas around the globe are turning comfy sneakers into trendy staples. Believe or not (if neutral enough), chic sneakers are now considered interchangeable with a hip flat or even heels and are equally as acceptable. I promise I would never mislead you. It sounds a little crazy, but I’m here to tell you it’s approved and encouraged.

Below are three super trendy and current sneakers that you can find at Tanger today with a little proof that they can be dressed to the nines (in case you didn’t believe me).

To Get Trendy – Go with Cole Haan

Ashley Torres
Photo: pursuitofshoes.com


The first sneaker is the Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Oxford. It took me a while to warm up to this shoe, but I’m telling you as soon as I slipped my toes into my first pair, I was determined to make them work with everything I own. The easiest way to style these stunners is with distressed skinnies, a casual tee and a long cardigan. Give the sneakers all the glory they deserve. Either keep the shoe and sweater monochrome or go for a pop of color. You can also find this oxford in colors like navy and fuschia. So trendy and I guarantee all your friends will be asking where you got them – Easy answer, Tanger.

For Flashback Fridays – Rock Adidas

Fashion Vibe
Photo: fashionvibe.net


Come on! Who didn’t have a pair of these in the 90’s?! I can’t be the only one. Now, I’ll spare you all the details on how they were styled (or not styled) back in the day and just focus on the positive. These classic “shell toe” Adidas Outlet Store sneakers made a huge splash in the fashion arena in 2015 and are here to stay for fall 2016. While I used to sport the all white look, I would recommend opting for the black stripes or even the metallic if you’re feeling bold. Pair them with simple cigarette pants and a bold coat and you’ve got a sleek autumn look. Carry the sporty feel all the way with trendy sunnies and a sleek center part for a super fashionable feel.

Have a Niche for Nostalgia – Choose Chucks

Photo: walkinwonderland.com


Another one of the classics – I think every girl raised a tomboy had a pair of these beauties. High-top, low-top, pink, white, red… I had them in every variety. I would say my chuck style really hasn’t changed. I still rock them with jeans and a t-shirt, just the fancier variety. 🙂 I’ve graduated from cargos to distressed boyfriend jeans and opt for a more form fitting V-neck over the field day tee. A long trench is a nice addition for the fall also. Keep these sneakers out year round – they’ve yet to go out of style. If you need a fresh pair, check out Journey’s at Tanger.

So, are you going to kick up your varsity style a notch or two this season? I’m most excited about the opportunity to swap out some of my “less comfortable” heels for these trendy options. Check out some of Tanger’s top shoe brands like Cole Haan Outlet, Journeys, Nine West Outlet, Steve Madden and more for all of these great styles and more. I go through shoes so often, I really can’t justify paying a ton so outlets are the way to go. Fashion for less, it’s the name of my game.
Happy Shopping!

Swinter – It’s the new season that combines the heat of the summer with the chills of winter. If you’re thinking, “Isn’t this just fall?” then I have news… some of us will skip that season entirely and be forced to move from short shorts to puffer coats in no time. I’m here to help you keep your wardrobe up to speed with mother nature. This week I’m highlighting some of the best transitional trends from one of my favorite stores, Neiman Marcus Last Call. Take advantage of the tips below and hopefully your transition will be a breeze.

#TangerTip: Stop packing away your “seasonal” bins every 4 months. Why store perfectly good pieces high up in some forgotten closet when they can be reinvented season after season.

Here are the closet stars that should definitely be given a second chance as the temperatures cool off!


This goes-with-everything wardrobe staple should essentially have it’s own section in your closet. Skirts, jackets, jeans, you name it. There are ways to style denim for every season and every occasion.

For example, take that new distressed denim jacket you purchased from Tanger to go over your summery sundresses and create a denim-on-denim look for fall (excuse me, swinter). If you don’t already have these pieces lying around, it’s 100% time to add them to your collection.

Here is an easy look to create from  Neiman Marcus Last Call.


Jeans – McGuire $149 | Jacket – McGuire $189 | Top – McGuire $119



Typically known as the crisp addition to a summer wardrobe, white has been trying to make its way out of the seasonal struggle for a while now and it needs your help! For many people, the “no wearing white after Labor Day rule” has won the battle year after year, but I’m hear to tell you that this rule is as out of style as socks and flip-flops. Wear your summer whites and wear them with pride (and a few more layers, of course).

For example, white skinnies – If you’re anything like me, you should find an excuse to wear these at least once a week until the end of time. They’re so flattering and should not be stored away in the darkness! Designers continue to explore this fresh color in pieces like sweaters, coats and fall/winter skirts. Embrace it!

Here’s a look you could recreate, again with pieces from my go-to, Neiman Marcus Last Call.


Distressed Jeans – Current/Elliott $139 |  Blouse – Current/Elliott $119

While denim and whites are only two of many categories of clothing that can be repurposed from season to season, they are by far the easiest place to start. Use your denim staples and white statement items to help exercise your creativity.

#TangerTip: Try pulling these pieces out of your closet and laying them on your bed. Then, pull other items that you think would pair nicely with them or multiple items to create a layered look. You’ll be amazed at the number combinations you will come up with!

So here are a few challenges for you:

  • Share your cool weather denim and white looks that you’ve mastered with me by tagging @tangeroutlets or #TangerFashionista.
  • Do you have a friend that gets stuck in a rut every three to four months? Share this post!
  • Comment below and let me know if you all have any other transitional tips. 🙂

Ok, I’m in the spirit you guys – Maybe it’s the Olympics (so sad they’re over), the election or maybe I’m just THAT into themes, but I’m all about America at the moment. Labor Day is coming up this weekend and while I do love the extra day off and end of summer sales all around, I’m more in tune than ever this year to the hard work our country puts forth day in and day out. Whether it be an Olympic athlete, or a dedicated working professional, there’s just so much to celebrate! Kudos to you all for making America so fab!

I’m proud, you should be proud, and together we shall shop (because that’s what we all do when we’re in a good mood, right)! I’m sure you could have guessed it, but this week I’m covering some of my favorite red, white and blue looks from Tanger that will get you through any of your Labor Day festivities this weekend. I’ve got a style for anyone… Let’s check them out!

Look No. 1

First up, casual meets a simple summer dress with a dash of mixed prints. Sounds effortless, right! Take a look. Anyone could pull this off. Be it a dress with a fun sash around the waist or a simple tank paired with a skirt, it’s super easy to recreate. Toss on your metallic summer sandals for one last time and finish it off with a bold striped clutch.


#TangerTip: When mixing prints, make sure there’s a noticeable difference in size. All small or all large prints can be a little tough on the eyes.

Look No. 2

Coming in at a close second is this BOLD blue and white striped dress. These are some of my favorite buys – pieces that take little to no effort to style. I’m talking simple silver or gold accessories and you can call this dress a day. It has so much personality. I’m in love! Oh and if you’re lucky enough to have a festive ice cream cone around you win extra insta-points!


Look No. 3

For my working ladies that still have somewhere to be this Labor Day weekend, here’s a casual work look sporting my colors of the week. We all have a pair of dark jeans lying around. Add a red and white striped tee and a fitted navy blazer for a very put together look. And of course there’s the red leather tote to complete the look.


So, do you have your Labor Day outfits picked out yet? If not, visit Tanger before you head out for your end of summer fun and take advantage of the incredible sales going on. Stores are trying their hardest to get rid of these summer styles and stock for fall, so you’re bound to get a steal.

#TangerTip: Sign up for TangerClub while you’re there. I won’t share what spend level I’m at (because the addiction is real), but I will say that the rewards are 100% worth it. Here’s to extra savings!

Happy shopping everyone and enjoy a safe and festive holiday weekend!